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who is mh ? a brand started in the 70's


Whilst browsing a jumble sale on the streets of Antwerp, fashion accessory designer Romain Bühler makes a surprising discovery: some canvas bags have caught his eye and are perched on top of a simple, upside down wooden box. Next to them, an elderly gentleman is sitting on a chair, sunk in a book. Intrigued, Romain Bühler interrupts his reading and asks him about his bags. At that moment, he has no idea that their seams contain a very beautiful love story…


"Macha Cohen is born in May 1945 from a furtive love affair during the celebrations following the liberation of Paris by the allied forces. Without ever knowing her father, Macha is brought up by her mother, a waitress at the "Lion d'Or" in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Macha attended school only when she had to, preferring to work in a haberdashery in her neighbourhood during her free hours to earn some pocket money. It is here where she first discovers her passion for design.


She moves to the north of France, where the demand for a skilled worker was higher, and quickly finds employment with a shirt maker. In this new environment, she discovers her love for the seaside and starts creating her own , as well as a number of beach bags. Made of cotton canvas, simple but always featuring subtle detail, her bags are original and she quickly wins over her friends, who start ordering them from her. Word of mouth spreads fast and bears fruit, and Macha considers increasing production in order to be able to make a living from her work. At the tender age of 21, Macha starts to offer her creations at market places in Belgium and the north of France. She earns a modest living, but is able to get by from the fruits of her passion. In Antwerp, fate would have her come across a certain Miller, a young Englishman, and they marry in 1969. Under her husband's name, Harson, she establishes herself in Antwerp and continues to create her canvas bags, whilst constantly developing and improving their designs. On the tag, a golden lion pays tribute to the bar in which her mother used to work. In order to render the bags more robust, she increases the use of leather and her creations become known for their high quality and affordable prices. Unfortunately, Macha's story of success is prematurely interrupted by her sad destiny. Struck by an incurable disease, she dies at the age of 27, torn away from her life as a young newlywed and the beginning of a promising career."


Touched by Miller's romantic tale, Romain buys the bags from him for a fistful of Euros and starts to think... Why not pick up the story of Macha Harson from where it was so abruptly cut short and write its sequel?

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