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who hides behind MACHA HARSON?


Originating from Switzerland, Romain Bühler has lived in Antwerp, Belgium since 2007. During his first two years there, he worked as assistant within the creative team of A.F.VANDEVORST. Feeling that he had sufficiently grown thanks to that experience, he decided to strike out on his own adventure. In 2009, whilst putting the final touches to his own collection, which he originally intended to bear his name, he comes across Macha Harson and accepts the challenge to revive her identity.


Filled with enthusiasm, he recreates the universe of the brand, taking inspiration from Macha Harson's personality and finding inspiration for his unique designs from her strong character. Armed with some sketches and the bags from the ‘70s that he acquired from Miller, he takes off to India in order to rework and adapt them to the latest trends.

Upon his return to Belgium, he contacts a number of shops and offers them his final products for sale. The concept is well accepted and an immediate success right from the first collection. More motivated than ever, he is determined to help you discover the universe of MACHA HARSON.


Romain Bühler by Jens Mollenvanger

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